Sugaring is the term for depilation with Sugaring paste. It is a highly effective hair removal method with its roots in the orient and has been practised there since many centuries. Even today, women in eastern oriental countries get together in a ceremony to cook the sugar paste and then practise this beautiful way of hair removal on each other.  A cultural rite between women that not only leads to smooth skin but also enables women to celebrate their beauty. 



1. Are there any side effects as skin irritation etc?

Compared to other methods of hair removal skin irritation is by far less common with sugaring.  As hair is removed in the direction of the hair growth Sugaring leads to less breakage as hair is removed with its root which also prevents ingrown hair. The effect is longlasting as hair will grow more finely after the treatment and ingrown hair is less common.  


2. Why Sugaring and not Waxing?

Sugaring is less painful. 

Sugaring is effective - results are long lasting and hair will grow more finely after the treatment. 

Sugaring has no bad side effects – no skin irritations, less ingrown hair. 

Sugaring is natural – our paste is made of just 3 ingredients: water, sugar and lemon juice. 

Sugaring can be used also on irritated skin such as eczema, varicose veins and spider veins. However please consult your doctor to be certain in your particular case.  

As opposed to Waxing Sugaring has a great peeling effect on the skin and leaves it both super smooth and soft. 

Sugaring is way more hygienic than Waxing as sanitary bacteria will not breed in sugar. Bacteria breeds easily in a wax pot. 

Sugaring can also be used on very short hair. 

The paste can be removed easily with water anytime and doesn’t stick to the skin. It can therefore be used on larger skin areas without hesitation. 

Sugar paste can be used even on people suffering from allergies. 

Sugaring is highly traditional and has overlived centuries. 


3. What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is the term for depilation with Sugaring paste. It is a highly effective hair removal method with its roots in the orient and was recently rediscovered as a silver bullet against unwanted hair. 

The Sugaring paste is applicated without any additional tools and the hair is removed in the hair growth direction in a gentle and yet highly effective way. Results are not only longlasting but will also lead to less hair growth in the long run. 


4. Who is Sugaring suitable for?

Basically Sugaring is suitable for anyone wanting to get rid of unwanted hair. Even the most sensitive skins with neurodermatitis, varicose veins or allergies will have no disadvantage from using Sugar paste. 


5. Does it hurt?

Sugaring is less painful than other comparable methods thanks to the fact that it sticks only to the hair, not to the skin. In addition to that hair is being removed in the growth direction which leads to less pain and thorough results. 


6. How long should my hair be for best results?

Ideally hair should be 3-5 mm. With hair shorter than that there is no guarantee for perfect results as the paste will most likely not catch each single hair. 

If hair is too long however there is no issue as we have a trimmer to cut it to perfect length. 

As a rule of thumb you can say hair will have the right length for Sugaring after approximately 2 weeks of shaving or Sugaring. 


7. How long can I enjoy the great effects and smooth skin?

Normally the intervals between 2 visits are 3-5 weeks depending on the area and hair consistency. However regular Sugaring treatments will strongly reduce hair growth in the long term. Especially after using our enzymes hair will effectively grow less fast and strong. Our employees will be pleased to provide you with more advice on that. 


8. Is there any circumstance under which Sugaring is not advisable?

Sugaring paste should not be applied to sun burned or wounded skin, on fresh scars or if the person suffers from fever. 


9. How long does the treatment take? 

We take our time to provide you with the perfect results you deserve. 

Depending on the area the treatment will take between 30 and 45 minutes. Of course some treatments, such as upper lip or finger will be done much quicker – 10 minutes max and you will be done!

Normally bikini zone sugaring will take around 20-30 minutes. Upper/Lower leg aroung 30-45 minutes. 


10. Do I have to make an appointment?

You are welcome anytime. However, to make sure not to have to wait we recommend to call and check before passing by or to make an appointment. We usually have short notice appointments available.


11. Is there anything I have to bring with me to my appointment?

Nothing other than a good mood :) And even that we can take care of by spoiling you with coffee, tea or a glass of champagne. 


12. Can my skin have an allergic reaction?

Sugar paste is made of just 3 ingredients: sugar, water and lemonjuice. All 3 are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. An allergic reaction is therefore highly unlikely. 


13. Can Sugaring paste be applied to sensitive skin, on neudermatitis, eczema, spider or varicose veins, psoriasis?

Of course! Sugaring is the most gentle and natural way of hair removal. It can be used on allergic and sensitive skin as well as on neurodermatitis, eczema, spider or varicose veins, psoriasis etc. However, please consult your doctor to make sure your individual problem is treated correctly and to check if Sugaring will be harmful in your particular case. Also, please inform your Depiladora of any skin conditions prior the treatment. 


14. Can I sugar while on my period?

You can still be sugared during this time. We ask that you come to your appointment wearing a clean feminine tampon and we can easily complete your treatment.


15. Can I be sugared even with a piercing or a tattoo?

Yes, of course! Your depiladora will take special care if needed. 


16. Is there anything I have to consider prior Sugaring?

You should avoid sun exposure as well as tanning booths a few days before undergoing a sugaring treatment. Also, make sure your hair is not shorter than 3-5 mm in order to guarantee great results. On the day prior to your appointment, you should steer clear of using lotion or oil on the respective areas. 


17. What is important to be aware of after Sugaring?

You should avoid any sun exposure (including sun booths) and swimming pools after your treatment. Since your skin is a bit more sensitive after the hair removal we highly recommend to steer clear of any skin products including alcohol (especially deodorants) and chemical ingredients as well as oily creams. 

In order to prevent hair from growing in, we advise our clients to use a peeling on the respective skin area 1-2x weekly. 


18. How can I prevent ingrowing hair?

Gentle peelings are a great solution and very effective in preventing ingrowing hair. Ideally you start your peelings 4 days after the treatment and continue with them 1-2 times a week. 


19. Is it safe to be sugared while pregnant?

Since sugaring paste consists of 100% natural ingredients (water, sugar, lemon juice) it is absolutely safe also for pregnant women. 


20. Can I bring my child or baby?

For safety reasons children are not allowed inside the sugaring booth. 


21. Can I bring my dog to the studio?

Due to hygienic reasons dogs are not allowed inside the booth. However, your hairy friend is welcome to wait in our waiting area and will be provided with water and attention☺


22. Is there a minimum age for Sugaring?

If your are less than 16 years old you need to provide us with a letter of consent of a legal guardian of yours prior Sugaring. The same applies for any Sugaring in intimate areas.


23. Which methods of payment do you provide?

We accept all major creditcards, cash card as well as cash. 


24. Do you offer intimate sugarings also for men?

No, we do not offer intimate sugaring for men.